Mayo Food & Drink Network’s Vision is to empower Mayo’s food and drink community, creating a thriving, sustainable ecosystem. The goal is to establish a collaborative space where local producers, chefs, and enthusiasts seamlessly work together, elevating the county’s food and drink culture. The Network aims to foster innovation, support local businesses, and create a shared platform celebrating Mayo’s diverse flavours. Ultimately, it strives to be a catalyst for excellent food and drink, driving economic growth and community well-being through a united commitment to quality, sustainability, and passion.

To achieve this vision, the Mayo Food & Drink Network has outlined key initiatives and strategies:

  • Strengthening Partnerships: Collaborate with members and stakeholders to create a strong network that fosters innovation and improves the overall food and drink network in Mayo.
  • Showcasing Opportunities: Actively participate in events like IFEX Belfast to showcase Mayo Food & Drink products to potential buyers in Ireland and the UK.
  • Training Opportunities: Provide training opportunities, especially in exporting to the UK, for interested network members with the capacity to explore such avenues.
  • Enhancing Visitor Experience: Revamp visitor food and drink experiences in the county, emphasising economic growth, sustainable practices, and a memorable experience, including the Gourmet Greenway food trail.
  • Sustainable Practices: Promote sustainability and responsible practices within the network, focusing on Codes of Understanding and Codes of Practice aligned with global trends and consumer preferences.
  • Marketing and Promotion: Develop a comprehensive strategy to raise awareness of the Mayo Food & Drink Network locally, nationally, and internationally.
  • Structure and Governance: Review and improve internal processes, including membership and communications, to ensure efficient and effective operations.
  • Funding: Review and leverage potential support and resources to strengthen the network’s position, attract more visitors, and foster the growth and innovation of local businesses.
  • Mayo Food & Drink Network Coordinator: Establish a dedicated coordinator to ensure the smooth organisation and promotion of the food trail.